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Come and visit us and enjoy our Aussie farm experience. Life on a farm is a fantasy for kids of all ages and that's the universal appeal of Paradise Country... a great day out for kids, families, students, international guests, corporate groups and anyone seeking a slice of outback adventure!

General admission includes all of the following farm activities:

  • Stockmen & Sheep Dog Show - Watch as our stockmen and their dogs round up a flock of sheep. It's here you'll be shown how to throw a boomerang, milk a cow and see how to crack a stockmen's whip.
  • Sheep Shearing Show & Ram Parade - Join in the fun as you watch the skills of the master shearers in the Sheep Shearing Show and Ram Parade.
  • Billy Tea and Stock Horse Arena - Relax around the campfire and enjoy a traditional Billy Tea and damper made by a local stockman whilst you experience the action of the outback as our skilled horsemen perform whip-cracking and riding demonstrations.
  • Kangaroo & Koala Sanctuary - Spend some time in the kangaroo and koala sanctuary where you can spot koalas as they snooze, feed the kangaroos and enjoy these charming marsupials in their natural setting.

You can also have your photo taken cuddling one of our friendly koalas. Additional charges apply.

General Admission plus a Barbeque Lunch is also available...country tucker that will make your mouth water. A choice of steak, chicken or fish served with a buffet of fresh salads and hot accompaniments with fresh seasonal fruit for dessert. Special dietary requirements are also available on request. Whilst enjoying lunch you will be entertained with some Aussie music.

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