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Paradise Country is a multi-cultural experience which mixes different cultures and brings the Australian bush to the beach.

Our farm tours are held daily starting at 9.15am and finishing at 1.30pm. Your class is welcome to stay on after the Farm tour to continue with your educational experience, stay and feed the kangaroos or look at the koalas.

A day at Paradise Country includes an escort tour to enjoy Sheep shearing presentation and ram display, Wool sample, Damper, Stock horse roundup, Sheep dog muster, Whip cracking, and a visit to our kangaroos and koalas.

Paradise Country is the perfect destination for school groups, with a unique Activity Trail to make learning fun.

A day at Paradise Country encourages students to actively participate in the various rides and attractions. Through this interaction, they should gain the insight and knowledge necessary to respond to a series of cross-curricula challenges at their own ability level. You, the teacher, can become the tour guide by selecting appropriate attractions and activities to meet your curriculum needs and for students to demonstrate achievement of particular outcomes. The worksheets become data collection for students and samples of work indicative of each student's ability.

The Activity Trail can be tailored for any school group by the teacher to educate, entertain and inspire. Students and teachers are encouraged to participate in this innovative and interactive educational program which brings mathematics, physics and creativity to life in a unique environment where learning is strictly hands-on!

Developed in association with one of Australia's leading Mathematics experts, Andy Boswell, the Activity Trail provides a series of challenging tasks which encourage problem solving strategies and teamwork.

Presentations are based on availability, subject to change and seasonal embargos. Bookings and enquiries for domestic* school excursions can be made through the School Excursions and Education Department:

Telephone: +61 7 5519 6210

Fax: +61 7 5573 8288


*Australian and New Zealand residents

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